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“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” 

Jim Rohn

Find Your Perfect Nutrition

If you frequently overeat and have insatiable cravings, it is because your body keeps sending the signal that it needs nutrients. Sadly, most of the food products we find in today's markets have almost no nutritional value for our body, so although we eat, our bodies are starving.

Whether you are a complete newbie with healthy nutrition or already have a pretty balanced diet, but still you do not manage to reach your goals in terms of weight, health or fitness - in a nutritional coaching session I can help you to find out what does not work for you in your diet, create a customized meal plan and learn plenty more nutrition hacks.

In a detailed analysis of your eating routines, hormone levels and health symptoms,

I can help you work out a dietary routine, mix of nutrients and supplements that will tackle your specific goal.

Eating Disorders

The topic of nutrition already lets the hair on the back of your neck stand up?

Because for as long as you remember you had an exasperating relationship with food and 

any attempt to improve it left you more frustrated than you started out?

Are you often stuck in cycles of excessive control vs. total loss of control? 
Short successes followed by return of failures?

Do you use food for comfort or to avoid difficult emotions?

Are you dependent on the scale/mirror for your feeling of self-worth?

Then your approach to nutrition should start with investigating and healing your relationship to food, and not with another nutritional plan.
Body Dysmorphia, Shaming and Unattainable Media Ideals have caused tremendous damage to our body image, and it needs urgent attention. 

As a survivor of an eating disorder myself, I would love to help you reestablish a healthy

relationship with your body!

Food As Medicine

It is ancient knowledge that food is medicine!

Maybe it does not work as a quick fix, like many prescribed drugs do, but therefore

it has no nasty side effects and heals the root of the problem instead of masking over the symptoms.

Healing with food takes dedication and patience, but I promise you, there is no disease that cannot be healed with a change in nutrition. And mind you, most diseases also come from poisoning through wrong nutrition.

I have gone through several cycles of healing myself with food, from diseases like asthma, arthritis, insomnia, anemia, anxiety disorder, depression and others.

If you are willing to take your health into your own hands and are determined to heal,

let's talk through your problems, establish the causes, and the most effective nutritional solution for you!

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