Meet Zoe

Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur

“There is no worse feeling than clearly seeing your own potential, but not being able to reach it because of physical or mental limitations. This is why I want to help you surpass them!”


From birth until her early 30s, Zoe has been suffering from various mystery diseases that impaired her from living a  normal life: From asthma and anemia over heavy arthritis to chronic insomnia, depression and serious digestive issues, she always had to look inside and develop a strong communication with her own body in order to heal.

Being a firm believer, Zoe traveled the world looking for cures. She never gave up learning more about mind, body and soul conditionings and how to release them. Now, at age 32, she can proudly say, that she battled most of the above illnesses through mind awareness training and biohacking. Her own story drives her passion to support others in becoming their optimal self, as she is convinced that everyone can reach their health goal if they are ready to take charge for their own mind, body and soul.

Throughout this journey, Zoe found bottomless support in astrological and metaphysical studies, which helped her to put her experiences into a larger perspective. She has acquired various trainings that you can benefit from, in order to understand your own life experience and lessons better. (Check detailed CV below)


Curriculum Vitae

Private Student of  Astrologer Mirjana Mirkovic -

Western Astrology



London School of Astrology Foundation Course


London, UK

Bachelor of Communications

HULT University


London, UK

Hypnosis Courses with Anja Lindau


Berlin, Germany

Private Classes with Mike Holliday - Vedic Astrology



Siddha Kundalini Energy Healing with Dani Sher


Arambol, India & Berlin,Germany

Astrology Workshops with Kaypacha - Evolutionary Astrology


Italy:Your Soul's Purpose

India: Dance Your Stars

Modern Mystery School


Israel & Berlin:

Empower Thyself | Sacred Geometry | Journeys of the Spirit | Astral Travel | 12 Races of Earth 

Certification as Regression Therapist- Thermedius Institute


Darmstadt, Germany