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"The single most prevalent form of denial in the human race is emotional denial. We do not want to accept the reality of our own emotions and we do not want to accept the reality of other people's emotions. As a result we are constantly at war with ourselves and with each other."

 Teal Swan

Emotional Processing

They teach us math and science at school, but unfortunately no one teaches us the tools to deal with our emotions at school- one of the most important survival skills for every human. The majority of humans have lost their connection with their emotions and live in a constant reactive state.

Emotions we do not fully digest get stored in our body and eventually manifest disease. Constructive emotional processing is one of the main pillars of physical and mental health and can help you break through blockages in all other areas of life.

Call me if you need support to uncover suppressed emotions and break reactive behavioral patterns with contemporary Awareness and New Age Psychology techniques.

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