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Your Goals:

  • Reduce Eczema Outbreaks

  • Become Stronger

  • Increase Focus & Mental Clarity

  • Improve Sleep

  • Increase Midday Energy Levels

  • Reduce Depression


During the 3-Day Waterfast

10.000 UI Vitamin D upon waking

10ml MCT Oil upon waking

500mg Krill Oil 3xday

5g Zeolite in the evening

After the Waterfast


Before consuming anything: 500ml freshly squeezed Celery Juice (cleanses your stomach of toxins)
30min later: Glass of warm water with whole squeezed lemon (alkalizes the stomach and supports liver function by stimulating bile production, perfectly prepares for digestion)
30min later: Green Tea & min.90% Cacao Chocolate (great alternative to coffee, improve brain function,antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)


30min before food: probitotic, digestive enzyme mix, 25 Amino Acids mix

With food: 15mg Zinc,10mg Selenium,15mg Iron, Vitamin B Complex

30-60min after food: Shake with 30g Collagen and 5g Cordyceps


1h before bedtime: Valerian tea

30min before bedtime: 1g Magnesium Biglycinate, 300mg Phosphatidelsyrine, 500mg L-Theanin, 500mg L-Ornithin, 500mg L-Tryptopane, 1g Gaba


To aid with several of your ailments and increase musle mass in your body, we are switching you onto a Keto diet. To enable your body to tansition to the Keto diet, you will do a 3-day waterfast where you will only drink water and tea (with the prescribed supplements).

Afterwards you will follow a diet of 120g Protein, 150g Fat and 30g Carbs.

The Protein should be derived from clean sources i.e. only grass-fed organic meat and bio milk products.

The Fats should strictly be monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. No Omega-6, Omega-9 or Trans Fats!


According to your results your body is currently overproducing cortisol, especially in the later hours, which indicates a stress response. Hence our main goal with the Workout is lower cortisol production and keep you fit without putting strain on your body. We are cutting out any hard workouts for the first 3 months. These include running, circle training, HIIT, martial arts and similar.

Instead we will focus on workouts that keep your heart rate under 120 bpm and relax your system but still keep you fit like Ashtanga Yoga, Swimming, Dance.

1 hour of exercise every day before 2pm and before your first big meal.

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