Astrological Charts

Astrology equips you with the tools to take your life into your own hands.

If properly done, a chart reading should always leave you feeling empowered, never fearfulful, worried or disempowered.

Astrology can predict your own soul’s weathers, just like meteorology predicts the planet’s weather. You can be prepared for the storm or you can have it hit you by surprise.

The different planetary energies influence our lives in cycles and each cycle requires us to master new behavioural lessons.

Understanding how the universal energies around us work and cooperating with them, instead of fighting them, can change a great deal in your life.

Closing one’s eyes to a powerful science like astrology is cutting yourself off from one of the most resourceful information supplies in the world.

I have passionately been studying Western Astrology in Serbia, England and India for over 10 years now, and started working with clients in 2014.

I am based in Berlin and offer readings one-on-one consultations, talks, courses, workshops and private astrology classes.

Session available in German, English, Serbo-Croatian and eventually Spanish.

"Astrology can vividly portray the happiest life available to us. It can tell us what tools we have and how to best employ them. And it can warn us in advance about how our life will look if we get off the mark. From that point on, we must affirm that all choices lie in our own hands."

Steven Forrest

Evolutionary Astrologer

First Session

Life Path & Personality Analysis

The in-depth understanding of your true self and your soul's path that we gained in the First Session, gives us the foundation to dive deeper into other realms of your life.


The sky is not stagnant, it is ever changing. Our natal chart thereby serves like the first innermost layer of our energetical makeup. But there are more layers to it. These come into play when we compare the current planetary positions to those at your birth.

In short, the different prognosis tools give us the opportunity to zoom in to a specific time period you are interested in and look at how you are evolving through time, and which lessons you are working at in a precise time period.

Solar Return

This chart represents the special set of energies and tasks that you have in your astrological year (from one birthday to the next). 


Synastry can resolve the mystery of relationships. It compares the birthcharts of two people and can answer many questions of why the relationship exists, what your mutual mission is together, where possible pitfalls are, how to avoid them, and how to make the best out of the relationship.


Places, just as people, have their own energetical makeup. In Astrocartocraphy we can analyse how which places influence you. You will receive a world map showing which places have what kind of influence on you personally. 

Ancestor Line

We are born into a specific family setting for a reason. In this analysis we look at family patterns and shadows and how those have been passed on through generations. We look at which family members have influenced you the most, in terms of passing on their unfinished karmic lessons to you. We will figure out what the lessons are and how to absolve them in order to resolve negative family karma. Herefore I will need the birthdays of your family members for as many generations as you can find out.


Astrological pregnancy forecasts are especially helpful if you are trying to conceive. As there are certain astrological "ovulation days" every month, that are not coinciding your your biological ovulation.

In the pregnancy forecast I will create a calendar for you, highlighting all the astrologically fertile days. I will also have a look at the general fertile windows in your life and when pregnancy is most likely.

Specific Questions

If you have any specific question that dont (or just partially) fall into any of the previous, feel free to write me and we can address them.



This session is the pre-requisite for any other reading, as it deals with YOUR ESSENCE and YOUR PATH .

It is really important that you approach the readings from the position of a Creator. Looking to take the power over your life, instead of giving it over to the healer/astrologer, chance, God...

The length of the session is very individual, because different people require different times for their personal sharing. What is important, is that everyone receives the same amount of information from my side.  It includes analyzing:

*the balance of your elements & yin/yang

*your dominant zodiac signs

*the areas of life most energy flows to

*possible blockages

*ways to free the energy flow

*what is your true self (and what is only social conditiong)

* your highest potential and how to live it

*your soul's evolutionary aim in this life

*your past life memories and attachments

*the best ways to direct your talents and energy

Additionaly you are always welcome to send me a list of your own questions prior to our session.

Factual Background

Astrology is an ancient science which leans on the belief "As above, so below. As within, so without."

That means that we carry in ourselves a microcosm of our galaxy with all its planets and stars.

Therefore astrologers capture a momentary picture of the sky on the exact time and date of your birth, showing where planets have been positioned. From that they go on to draw conclusions about the way the planetary energies influence your life.

This visual representation of the sky is called Natal Chart, and is the astrologers main tool for work.

Every Natal Chart is unique and it is scientifically impossible for a chart to be repeated in over 2000 years in precisely the same way. So although we are all dealing with the same energetical influences of our 10 main celestial bodies, the combination and interplay of these influences is unique for every human being.


Zoe Mercury

Berlin, Germany

All photography © Momentfänger - Mercedes Mader



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