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Astrological Analysis

"Astrology can vividly portray the happiest life available to us. It can tell us what tools we have and how to best employ them. And it can warn us in advance about how our life will look if we get off the mark. From that point on, we must affirm that all choices lie in our own hands."
Steven Forrest, Evolutionary Astrologer

"You can be prepared for the storm or you can have it hit you by surprise."


Astrological knowledge is applicable to many areas of life:

personal development, relationships as well as business. Understanding the natural flow of life and cooperating with it, instead of fighting it, can make the whole difference between failure and success.

Personal Consultation

  • Personality Analysis

  • Overcoming Blockages

  • Cultivating Natural Talents

  • Life Purpose & Direction

  • Decision-Making Support

  • Prognosis (up to 3 yrs)

  • Past Lives & Personal Karma

  • Locational Analysis 

  • Pregnancy Planing

  • Ancestral Karma

Relationship Consultation

  • Personal Compatibility of Partners

  • Compatibility of Evolutionary Purpose

  • Blockages to Overcome

  • Karmic Love

  • Future Prospect

  • Lessons to Learn Together

  • Family Compatibility

  • Children's Analysis

Business Consultation

  • Financial Questions

  • Investment Decisions

  • Timing of Important Changes

  • Most Profitable Direction to Take

  • Location

  • Partnership and Cooperation

  • Investors and Supporters

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