Past Life Regression 

Certified as a Regression Therapist by TherMedius Institute, I offer past life regressions. Past lives are tightly interwoven with the subject of astrology. There is often karmic ties or behaviour patterns that are rooted in a past life and that still keep holding you back. Past Life Regressions are the best tool to clear this energetic residue from past lives.

The session will usually last 3-4h, with a induction talk beforehand and a feedback session afterwards.

Tattoo Art

Find out more about my unique tattoo methods and see more of my art HERE.

Resin Art

I fell in love with creating resin crystals. Each and every one of them is unique in its meaning. 

They can be categorized into:

* Astrological cyrstals - I assemble the ingredients of each crystal according to a specific zodiac sign or planet

* Energy Transformers - the inside of the crystal is set up in a way to capture negative energies and transmute them into positive

* Frozen Nature - I recycle and dry flowers from flower shops and give them eternal life inside a crystal

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Zoe Mercury

Berlin, Germany

All photography © Momentfänger - Mercedes Mader



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