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Dreams 2024

Who's joining me?

Down below you can peek into some of the dreams I have for this year. If you feel like that's soemthing you'd love to do too, let's do it together! Just hit the button next to the dream description, and I'll get notified. Let's make some cool stuff happen this year!


Seoul, South Korea

2 weeks

  • dress like anime characters

  • go to a K-Pop concert

  • eat crazy foods


2 months

  • focus only on nutrition & fitness

  • keto diet

  • 4-6h workout per day

  • live in badass villa

  • chill on seaside

  • Bali Waderlust Fitness

san francisco.jpg
san francisco.jpg

San Francisco, CA

1 month

  • live in an adorable townhouse

  • immerse in Silicon Valley

  • visit the "Charmed" house

  • hang out with Vicc & Erwann


Birthday in French Castle

3 days

Spend 3 days together with friends in a 10-bedroom french castle to celebrate my birthday.

  • Tasty meals

  • Swimming in the Pool

  • Music

  • Magic

  • Performance

  • Movie Nights

  • Deep Talks

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